Stainless Steel Low-Voltage Integrated Distribution Box

Stainless Steel Low-Voltage Integrated Distribution Box

Stainless Steel Low-Voltage Integrated Distribution Box is featured with its economy,safety,advancement and aesthetics.


I. Economy
1.1The size of the integrated distribution box meets the size indicated in the typical drawings, which is economical and practical.
   1.2 The integrated box provides a variety of primary circuit schemes and diversified components selection, the flexible combination of schemes greatly reduces the design workload of the structure, and can carry out mass production to reduce manual and mechanical losses, and improve the coefficient of energy saving and emission reduction.

   1.3 With smaller space, it can accommodate more functional units, thus to reduce the area occupied and improve the utilization of space.
   1.4 Capacitors are made of energy-saving and environment-friendly materials, which are pollution-free.

2. Safety
2.1 A large number of high-strength flame-retardant engineering plastic components are used to effectively enhance the protection safety performance.

   2.2 The integrated distribution box has three basic functions: distribution, compensation and metering. Each function room is isolated from each other and acts relatively independently, so as to avoid the conditions for further expansion of the accident when there is an accident.
The integrated distribution box body is made of 304 stainless steel plate with bending and welding, which has strong corrosion resistance.

3. Advancement
  3.1 According to the requirements of engineering characteristics, RS485 communication interface which meets the requirements of computer interface docking can be used to monitor the running status of equipment in real time and realize automation requirements.
   3.2 The response is prompt and rapid, the compensation effect is good, the work is reliable, and the leakage protector can be added according to the user's needs.
   3.3 Protection functions: overvoltage, overload, under-voltage, undercurrent, short circuit, phase shortage, zero sequence overrun and other functions

4. Aesthetics
   4.1 The top, side plates and doors of outdoor low-voltage distribution cabinets (boxes) are made of stainless steel plates at least 1.5mm thick, and the steel parts are hot-dip galvanized.
In order to meet the anti-theft requirements, the top and side plates should be welded and fixed, the main door should provide a separate padlock position, and can prevent rainwater from directly falling on the lock; in order to meet the requirements of waterproof and moisture-proof, the side and bottom of the inlet and outlet line holes are perforated, and the side inlet and outlet line holes have waterproof elbows and sealing functions, each outlet line hole is equipped with sealing baffle.

   4.2 The outer layer of the integrated distribution box is coated with uniformly specified color paint.
   4.3 The top of the box should be flat, the top of the box inside should be insulated, the front and back eaves should be punched with ventilation and heat dissipation holes, and 304 stainless steel mesh should be welded.
   4.4 Insulators, including bus-bar support should be non-hygroscopic materials. Fiber materials and insulating cardboard are prohibited.

II. Use environment
1) Installation location: installation on outdoor columns.
2) Ambient temperature: 25~+55
3) Relative humidity of air: 40, not higher than 50%, -40 not higher than 60%.
4) Earthquake intensity not exceeding magnitude 8;
5) Inclination: no more than 3°for the box; no more than 1°for the watt-hour meter
6) Pollution level: level 3
7) Installation site: the external magnetic field in any direction does not exceed 5 times of the geomagnetic field.
Serial number    Technical requirements
1 Voltage 400V
2 Phase number Three-phase four-wire
3 Box material Stainless steel
4 Box color GSBG51001-94  B03
5  Inlet and outlet line method One inlet lines and two outlet lines
6 Size of box body 600*640*1000 1200*640*1000
7 Bench variable capacity kVA 30 50 100 200 315 400 500
8 Current transformer configuration   100/5 150/5 300/5 500/5 600/5 800/5
9 Inlet circuit breaker configuration   100A 200A 400A 630A 630A 1000A
10 Configuration of inlet insolating switch   200/38 200/38 400/38 600/38 600/38 1000/38
11 Outlet circuit breaker configuration   100 200 400 630 630 630
12 Compound switch configuration     45 45 45 4555 4555
13 Total capacity of shunt capacitor kVar     30 60 100 120 150
14 Shunt capacitor grouping     3 4 4 6 6
15 Lightning arrester   HY1.5W-0.28/1.3 HY1.5W-0.28/1.3 HY1.5W-0.28/1.3 HY1.5W-0.28/1.3 HY1.5W-0.28/1.3 HY1.5W-0.28/1.3
16 Bus bar   TMY-15*4 TMY-30*4 TMY-40*4 TMY-40*8 TMY-40*10 TMY-50*10
17 Reactive power compensation controller   With GPRS (4G) communication
18 Fire prevention and mud plugging   1kg

Stainless Steel Low-Voltage Integrated Distribution Box

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