GGD AC Low-Voltage Distribution Cabinet

GGD AC Low-Voltage Distribution Cabinet

Structural characteristics of switchgear

The frame of switchgear is made of 8MF cold-formed steel, which is welded and assembled locally. There are installation holes arranged according to the number of E=20MM and E=100MM on the frame respectively. The frame is assembled by special matching parts, and there is different number of heat sinks at both ends of the cabinet body, forming a natural ventilation channel to achieve the purpose of heat dissipation. The switchgear door uses chain connected with the structure, easy to install and disassemble; the fold of the door is embedded with a mountain-shaped plastic strip. When the door closes, the strip between the door and the frame has a certain compression stroke, which can prevent the door from colliding directly with the switchgear, and also improve the protection level of the door. The fittings in the switchgear are connected with the frame by knurling screw, and the whole switchgear constitutes a complete grounding protection circuit. The surface of switchgear body is sprayed with static electricity, which has strong adhesion and good texture.

GGD AC low-voltage distribution cabinet is a new type of low-voltage distribution cabinet designed in accordance with the requirements of the competent superiors of the Ministry of Energy, the vast number of power users and the design department, and in line with the principles of safety, economy, rationality and reliability. There are a number of inlet line methods including upper, lower and top left, top middle, top right and back inlet ways to meet the actual needs of different types of projects for different inlet lines. At the same time, the cabinet has a fixed position to install electromechanical protection and automatic devices for power plants and special users. The product has the characteristics of high interrupting ability, good dynamic and thermal stability, flexible electrical scheme, convenient assembly, strong serialization and practicability, novel structure and high protection grade. It can be used as a replacement product of low-voltage switchgear. The product meets the standards of IEC60439 Low Voltage Switchgear and GB7251.12 Low Voltage Switchgear and Control Equipment.

Environmental conditions for normal use
1) Environmental temperature: the highest + 40, the lowest - 5;
2) Environmental humidity: the average daily relative humidity is not more than 95%, and the average monthly relative humidity is not more than 90%.
3) Elevation: not more than 2000 meters;
4) The inclination of the equipment installation and vertical plane should not exceed 5. There should be no severe vibration and no corrosion in the place.

GGD AC Low-Voltage Distribution Cabinet
Installation and use of switchgear

Use special handling tools, cranes or forklifts to avoid dampness and rain; make cable trenches and foundations according to the size of cabinet body, the foundation plane should be horizontal, the horizontal channel steel plane should be 3-4MM higher than the foundation plane, and the cabinet body should be vertical and horizontal. Inspection and test before the product is put into operation after installation:

A. Check whether the coating on the switchgear surface is damaged, whether the switchgear inside is dry and clean.
B. Whether the operation mechanism of electrical appliances is flexible or not;
C. Whether the main contacts of main electrical appliances can be switched on /off reliably and accurately, and whether the auxiliary contact switch on/off is accurate and reliable;
D. The ratio and polarity of instrument indication and transformer should be correct;
E. Whether the junction of circuit conforms to the electrical schematic;
F. The rated value and setting value of protection should be correct and reliable;
G. The insulation resistance measured by 1000M shaker is not less than 1M ohm.
H. Bus bars should be well connected, and insulation support and installation parts and other accessories should be firmly and reliably installed.

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