GCS Low-Voltage Drawer Switchgear

GCS Low-Voltage Drawer Switchgear

GCS low-voltage drawer switchgear is a new type of switchgear designed and studied by the joint design team of the former Ministry of Electric Power Industry and the Ministry of Machinery Industry, widely used in metallurgy, power, chemical industry, petroleum, port, airport, subway, commercial and residential power distribution system.In large power plants, petrochemical systems and other places with high degree of automation and computer interface requirements.

GCS low-voltage drawer switchgear acts as low-voltage power distribution device for distribution, centralized control of motor and reactive power compensation in three-phase AC frequency of 50 (60) Hz, rated working voltage of 380 V (400 V, 660 V) and rated current of 4000A or less power generation and power supply system. The products meet the national standards of GB7251.12 and ICE439-1 and ZBK36001.

The switchgear frame is made of 8MF open section steel and is fully assembled. The main frame is equipped with digital holes E=20mm; the cabinet body is electrostatic sprayed after pickling and phosphating, and the inner partition drawer is galvanized and passivated; it is divided into functional unit room, bus room and cable room; the unit size can be divided into 1/2, 1, 2 and 3 units according to the high modulus size of drawer layer (80/100); the rated current of unit circuit is 600A and below. The maximum current of 1/2 unit drawer can reach 100A. Drawers with the same functional unit have good interchangeability. Drawer inlet and outlet lines adopt different specifications of connectors according to current size. DFZJD type 1/2 shunt transfer unit is used to connect drawer and cable room of unit 1/2. The drawer unit is equipped with mechanical interlocking device, and the drawer unit has a sufficient number of secondary inserts.

Environmental conditions for normal use
1) Environmental temperature: the highest + 40℃, the lowest - 15℃;
2) Environmental humidity: the average daily relative humidity is not more than 95%, and the average monthly relative humidity is not more than 90%.
3) Elevation: not more than 2000 meters;
4) Earthquake intensity: not more than magnitude 8;
5) No fire, explosion danger, serious powder, chemical corrosion and violent vibration place.

GCS Low-Voltage Drawer Switchgear

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