HXGN Series High Voltage Ring Main Unit

HXGN Series High Voltage Ring Main Unit

HXGN series  high voltage ring main unit fixed fully-sealed Switchgear is a vacuum load switchgear with the three-phase AC frequency of 50Hz and rated voltage of 12kV, which is independently developed by our Company. It is called the vacuum ring main unit for short, which is applicable to the looped network power supply of the 10kV system as well as the power supply and distribution systems of the factory, high-rise building and residential district etc.

Normal Use Conditions
lAmbient air temperature: -10℃~+40℃;lAltitude: no higher than 1,000m
lRelative humidity: the daily average value is not higher than 95%, while the monthly average value is not higher than 90%;
lSaturated steam pressure: the daily average value is not higher than 2.2kPa, while the monthly average value is not higher than 1.8kPa;
lThe ambient air is not obviously polluted by the corrosive or flammable gas or vapor; there is no frequent violent vibration.

Notes: Please negotiate with us in case of out of the above-mentioned environmental conditions for normal use.

Structure Performance and Characteristics 
      The vacuum ring main unit consists of the vacuum load switch cabinet and vacuum load switch cabinet-fuse combined electrical cabinet. The vacuum load switch and vacuum load switch-fuse combined electrical appliance use the vacuum arc extinction principle; the dynamic and static contacts are sealed in the vacuum arc extinction room. When the vacuum arc is in the disconnection state, the metal steam quickly spreads the arc extinction when the power supply crosses the zero and the insulation strength recovery is much quicker than the air. Therefore, the disconnection performance is good and operating is reliable. The transfer current of the combined electrical appliance of the air vacuum load switch (gas production type or anaerobic type load switch) generally reaches about 1,000A, while the transfer current of the vacuum load switch- fuse combined electrical appliance can reach 3,150A (may be greater), with more reliable operation safety.

Incoming cabinet (load switch cabinet) plan 
      The FZN□-120/T630-20 vacuum load switch is installed in the main loop in the incoming cabinet. For its contour structure, please see Figure 1. When the power supply wire comes in from the upper part, the grounding switch can be also equipped according to the user demand. They are installed on the same cabinet frame and the operation is interlocking, achieving the three-position operation such as power supply connection and disconnection as well as outgoing grounding.

Outgoing cabinet (combined electrical appliance cabinet) plan
      The main loop of the outgoing cabinet is composed of the combined electrical appliance consisting of FZN□-12DR/T125-31.5 vacuum load switch and fuse with striker, disconnecting switch and grounding switch. For its contour structure, please see Figure 2. The three-position operation can be achieved. The current or voltage mutual inductor can be also equipped for the cabinet. The SFLAI-10 current limit type fuse is equipped for the vacuum load switch-fuse combined electrical appliance. The disconnection capacity of the fuse is 31.5kA and its limit current and quick disconnection characteristics are especially applicable to the operation protection of the transformer. Its rated current is from 10A to 125A. The transformers with different capacities can be used.
      The mechanical mode is used for the operation interlocking among switches, grounding switches in the cabinet and cabinet doors, complying with the requirements of “five preventions”. The protection grade of the outer hub of the cabinet is IP2X.

Switch operation mechanism
      The vacuum load switch and vacuum load switch-fuse combined electrical appliance can be operated by using the manual or electrical spring mechanism.

A)Principle of the switching on operation 
When the operation is conducted by hand, insert the handle into the manual energy storage hole, rotate the handle clockwise. The tensional moment generated by hand force is transmitted to the gear of the main shaft through the gear, driving the hung spring and connecting lever on the energy storage shaft and extending the energy storage of the switching spring. When the hung spring and connecting lever reach the highest point, the spring returns quickly to drive the cam drive and push the output connecting lever, making the main shaft of the switch rotate to achieve switching.

B)Principle of disconnection operation 
When the disconnection is conducted by hand, press the manual disconnection button, push the trip plate and rotate clockwise; when the electrical operation is conducted, press the disconnecting button to make the disconnecting electromagnetic component push the trip plate to rotate clockwise, achieving the disconnection trip. The grounding switches are operated by hand, which are interlocking with the operation of the vacuum load switches, i.e. when the vacuum load switch is in the disconnection state, the grounding switches can be connected or disconnected; when the vacuum load switch is at the connection position, the grounding switch cannot be connected. 


      After the vacuum load switch and vacuum load switch-fuse combined electrical appliance are installed, wipe the insulating parts and conductive joints with clean and soft cloth. Paste the lubricating oil on all rotating positions. The fasteners should be tightened. The contact surface of the bus and switch connecting position should be flat. No external force is allowed to apply to the bus when the installation is carried out.

1.The cabinet should be arranged orderly. The connection between cabinets and the lower part should be well fixed.
2.The installed of the bus and cable head should guarantee that the spacing between the charged naked buses and air spacing to the ground should be not greater than 125mm.
3.The copper bus with the cross section area of no less than 40×3 should be used for the grounding buses of the cabinets. The Vaseline should be pasted on all connection surfaces, with tight contact and good grounding.
4.The cover plate at the bottom and cable incoming and outgoing vents should be well sealed to prevent the access of the small animals to result in accidents.
5.When the fuse is installed, the fuse striker must be upward, i.e. toward the vacuum load switch and release and the distance between the striker and the release of the vacuum load switch should be no less than 20mm.

High Voltage Ring Main Unit Switchgear


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